Companies Comparison

Table: Comparison of domain parking companies

Company NameSite TypesMonthly FeeMinimum domainsDomains ServedAlexa RankDomain MarketComments
Adsense for DomainsPPC01 (1500 max)135K-NoOne-click PPC, high price per click, not all domains accepted, integrated into Adsense account.
BeneParkDeveloped minisites013K420KNoServes customers' ads, payments directly from advertisers, raises SE traffic, not all domains accepted.
BodisPPC01170K11KNoTwo-click PPC based on Adsense feed, different languages, adult domains allowed.
DopaPPC011M190KNoOne-click PPC based on Adsense feed, oriented in Chinese traffic, 1K visitors daily needed.
GoDaddy (Cash Parking)PPC$3.99/$9.9911.2M23K (whole company)NoOne-click PPC, simple templates, long payment hold, largest domain registrar.
NameDrive (FastPark)PPC01780K9KYesAdsense-based one-click PPC, multilingual (good for IDNs), adult is allowed.
NoomleDeveloped minisites0/$10/$25110K45KYesServes customers' ads, payments directly from advertisers, raises SE traffic, flexible, uses the same NSs.
ParkedPPC010400K17KNoTwo-click PPC, high CPC, approval needed, same type templates.
SedoPPC011.9M1K (whole company)YesIndustry leader, domain sale-oriented, strict traffic requirements.
WhyParkDeveloped minisites, PPC0/$10/$251230K19KNoDomain development, two-click PPC monetization, raises SE traffic, uses the same NSs.

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